Join Strive!

Our Association has three categories of members based on their involvement in the organization’s activities: active and inactive members, participants, and volunteers.

Here’s what each category means:

  1. Active and Inactive Members:
    • Active Members: These members actively contribute to the association’s work through their efforts, ideas, and participation in projects and activities. They attend meetings, have voting rights, and can apply for projects.
      • Inactive Members: These members have filled out the application form but aren’t actively participating in the association’s work. If they haven’t been active for three months, they are considered inactive and can’t apply for projects. Inactive members may still be supporters or interested in the association’s work.
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  2. Participants:
    • Participants are those who have applied to join a project. They can be active or inactive members, volunteers, or individuals interested in civil society or youth-related activities. Participants can apply for multiple projects but only one at a time. They can be either selected or unselected:
      • Selected Participants: These individuals are chosen based on their CV and motivation letter to participate in a project. They must adhere to the association’s rules and tasks.
        • Unselected Participants: These participants weren’t chosen for a project but, along with active members, have the opportunity to fill in if a selected participant cancels.
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  3. Volunteers:
    • Volunteers generously donate their time and skills to the association in agreed-upon volunteer positions without compensation. Volunteers do not automatically become members; they can request membership if they wish. There are three types of volunteers:
      • Long-term Volunteers: Those who volunteer for three months or more can apply for projects and enjoy the benefits of active members.
        • Short-term Volunteers: Volunteers for at least one week but up to one month. They can become long-term volunteers if they wish and use the benefits accordingly.
          • One-time Volunteers: Those who volunteer at least once a year. They can become short-term or long-term volunteers as needed and access the associated benefits.
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Annual Membership:

  • To participate in mobility projects coordinated by Association Strive! with all expenses covered (travel, accommodation, and food), you’ll need to pay an annual membership fee to support the organization in providing Erasmus+ mobility projects.
  • Once you pay the annual membership fee you can attend mobility projects for the year.

Annual Membership Fees for 2023:

  • Volunteers: Free
  • Active Members: €15
  • Inactive Members: €25
  • Newcomers (Age 14-18): €35
  • Newcomers (Age 18-30): €28
  • Newcomers (Age 30+): €35

We hope this makes it easier to understand our Association and how you can get involved!