Involve in Strive

Our team is divided into 3 different categories depending on the activities of the organization. We distinguish between active and inactive members, participants and volunteers.

Each activity category is important to us and each attaches particular importance in the whole working process. Although some of the categories speak for themselves, we have to clarify the differences and tasks between these categories.

So let’s start:


  1. Active and inactive members

Members are considered to be those who filled out the membership forms and participate in the work of the association. With regard to the activity in the association, members are active and inactive.

– Active members are those who, through their efforts, work and ideas, are continually participating in the work of the association, organize or assist in the organization of projects and other activities, participate in assemblies and meetings, and have the right to vote and selecting the leading body of the association and can use the advantage of applying for the desired project.

– Inactive members are those who have completed the application form but they do not participate actively in the work of the association with their work and dedication. If a member has not participated in any activity within at least three months, he is considered inactive and can not use the benefits of active members. Inactive members may be sympathizers of the association or other people interested in the work of the association.


  1. Participants

Participants are all those who applied at least one time to participate in the project and those entered the participant database. Participants may be active and inactive members, volunteers or people unrelated to the work of the association but active in civil society or youth filed. Participants can apply to an unlimited number of projects, but can not apply for more than one project at a time. Depending on the outcome of the application, the participants can be selected or unselected.

– Selected participants are persons who have been selected for participation in the project they applied for on the basis of the CV and motivation letter. The selected participants are obliged to respect the rules and codex of the association for exchange and to fulfill certain tasks given by the association.

– Unselected participants are those who applied for the project but were not selected for participation. Unselected participants, together with active members, have the advantage to fulfill the spot in case of cancellation of the selected participant.


  1. Volunteers

Volunteers are all those who voluntarily invest their time and competencies in the work of the association, at previously agreed volunteering positions, without any funding or other benefits. Regardless of the length of volunteering, volunteers do not become members unless they ask for it themselves. With regard to volunteering time in the association, we distinguish between long-term, short-term and one-time volunteers.

– Long-term volunteers are people who have been continuously volunteering for up to 3 months or more in the association, whether in one or several volunteer positions. Long-term volunteers, along with active members, have the advantage of applying for projects and use all benefits as active members.

– Short-term volunteers are people who volunteered in the association for at least a week and for a maximum of one month. Short-term volunteers can become long-term if they want to, or if an association needs them, and in that case, use all the benefits of a long-term volunteer.

– One-time volunteers are all those who volunteered at least once in the year in the association, either as an aid to an action or at any other volunteer position. One-time volunteers can become short-term or long-term volunteers if they want to, or if an association needs them, and with that use all the benefits of a long-term/short-term volunteer.