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Stepping into Inclusivity: A Life-Changing Journey with Erasmus+ in Greece

Authors: Lovro Klarić, Rene Kelemen

For 8 incredible days, from 10 to 18 October, we joined the Erasmus+ project Step into a (Dis)ability in Raches in Greece. It was a profoundly eye-opening and wonderful experience. This project aimed to promote inclusivity and awareness of disability issues, bringing together participants from around Europe. Some of us, with experience participating in Erasmus+ projects, expected a classic youth exchange project with a focus on meeting new young people and exchanging differences in cultures. But we got so much more than that.

We delved into the lives of people with disabilities the best way we knew how and we got to experience some of their struggles firsthand. Every day we walked in the shoes of people with different disabilities with the help of some props. Also, in the project were 6 people who had disabilities so we learned how to approach, respect boundaries, and know when to help and when not to help. Through workshops and reflection groups, we gained empathy and connected even more.

The experience was so beautiful that there was not even one person who wasn’t crying at the end of the project. This was one of the best weeks of our lives and we made so many memories that will stay with us for life! For 8 days we celebrated abilities, challenged stereotypes, and returned home with a commitment to fostering a more inclusive world. 

We also give kudos to the facilitators who were so relaxed, fun, and well-organized. We connected with them as much as with each other and we couldn’t recommend the hosting organization enough!

The organiser of the project is  Be Visible Be You and the partner from Croatia Association Strive! The project is co-financed with the Erasmus + program. Read more about the project in Athens Voice.

Participants: Lovro Klarić, Rene Kelemen, Marina Relić, Sara Husnjak

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