Battling Bullying: Our Adventure in Iscar, Spain

Author: Igor Vuksanić

So, let me spill the tea about the Erasmus+ project “Global Bullying” in Iscar, Spain – tackling the big, bad issue of global bullying. Spoiler alert: it was way more than just serious talks and workshops!

First off, imagine a bunch of cool folks from all over the globe coming together to kick bullying’s butt. We shared stories, ideas, and basically became a squad with a common mission. It was like the Avengers, but fighting against bullying instead of supervillains.

Now, don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t all serious business. We also had a blast exploring Iscar and hitting up Valladolid and Salamanca on some epic trips. Spain turned out to be more than just the perfect backdrop for our anti-bullying mission – it was also a cultural rollercoaster.

The best part? The friendships. We went from being strangers to a tight-knit crew in no time. Working on projects, having deep talks, and just chilling over meals created this awesome vibe of unity. And let me tell you, the laughs we shared during group activities were the real deal.

Looking back, this Erasmus+ gig wasn’t just about learning how to combat bullying globally. It was about embracing diversity, forming connections, and realizing the power of international teamwork. Iscar, Spain, will forever be the place where serious discussions met serious fun, and I left with a backpack full of memories, new pals, and a whole lot of knowledge about kicking bullying to the curb.

The organiser of the project is Asociación Brainstorming and the partner from Croatia Association Strive! The project is co-financed with the Erasmus + program.

Trainers: Enrico Fontana, Dario Martin, Martin Jonas 

Participants: Igor Vuksanić, Ivana Grbin, Dora Povodnik, Patricia Šoić

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