Let’s Get Your Visibility Started Like Chimaera Flames

The Croatian team (Ana Šporčić, Ante Vujić, Nikolina Novaković) recently had an opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ TC called Let’s Get Your Visibility Started. The project started on September 15 and lasted until the 23rd.

The project was located in the small city of Olympos. Historically, this place is very special because of its ancient history and archaeological ruins. Chimaera Flames is one of the most unique features of Olympos that we got to visit. It’s a natural phenomenon where eternal flames emerge from cracks in the rocks on the side of Mount Olympos. These flames, fueled by methane emissions from the Earth, have been burning for thousands of years and have contributed to the city’s mythological significance. Besides the Chimaera Flames, we got to spend an afternoon at the beautiful Olympos beach near the mountains.

The project itself was very fun and we were satisfied with the outcome. We were taught how to use digital tools for marketing purposes. The workshops were excellent and the trainers did such a good job at sharing their knowledge with us and vice versa. It was astonishing to hear so many insights from anyone already familiar with some of these tools, e.i. InShot, Canva, CapCut, InkScape etc. I do not think I’ve ever witnessed so many talented people in the same place. Every person was so devoted to the tasks that we had to do. The workshops were not only theoretical, but they consisted rather out of practice. Teamwork was a crucial part of the project. We had to work together to enhance our skills and strengthen interpersonal relations. Everyone was so creative and we learnt so much from each other. Something that left quite an impact on me was when we had a workshop about animation and stop-motion. Therefore, I’m excited to use it again in a day to day life.

During the process, we met so many people, made great friends, tried many new foods, drank plenty of Turkish tea and tasted chilli pepper ice cream. One of the greatest perks of the project was encountering so many different cultures. There were a lot of people, lots of different nations and everyone was so kind. Erasmus+ offers the biggest cultural enrichment for every participant. That is for sure the best thing about these projects. You get to know yourself and others at the same time. You get a unique chance to immerse yourself completely in the experience that helps you enrich and broaden your horizons.

After the project was over, we stayed for two extra days in Antalya. It was so fun to explore the famous Turkish Bazaar and we were mesmerized with the world’s biggest tunnel aquarium. We fell in love with the Turkish culture for sure.

The overall experience was beyond the words to describe it and we cannot wait for the upcoming project in Berlin so that we could see our newly made friends again. In conclusion, we would like to thank our sending organization Strive! for choosing us and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to make some great memories. Big thanks to the organizers KulturNetz e. V. for making this happen! Every Erasmus+ experience needs to be valued and this one will be cherished.

Participants: Ana Šporčić, Ante Vujić, Nikolina Novaković

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