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CV: Create Value in Cordoba! Open to apply!

Let’s go beyond finding jobs and craft meaningful careers, unique personal brands and confident, independent youth

Training Course: “CV – Create Values”

Place: Córdoba, Spain

Date of mobility: 9 – 15 October 2023

Who: 4 participants from Croatia (18 +)

Partners: Asociación Mojo de Caña (Spain), Asociatia GEYC (Romania), Association Strive! (Croatia), EducAntwerp (Belgium)

Application deadline: 3rd of September 2023

About the project

In our contact with local youth throughout the years we have observed that key competencies for success in the modern job market are not implemented in formal education and that youth are at risk of losing them. However, these are skills that can be perfectly developed through non-formal education. We talk about public speaking, work in multicultural contexts, the application of ICTs to the labour market, emotional intelligence, leadership, computer and audiovisual resources for job search, decision-making, etc.
With the TC “CV-Create Values” we intend to combat these problems, educating youth workers, teaching them what activities they can carry out to improve their daily work. We will present them with the appropriate tools to observe and distinguish skills in young people and transfer and transform those skills to the youth labour market.
Also, we believe that our project will be of great help to people who work with youth in Europe, providing them with new ideas, good practices, knowledge and skills.

The objectives of the project

  • We map the current labour market and place it in a European context.
  • We teach youth workers different ways of observing and recognizing the interests and skills of young people.
  • We teach the youth workers different activities of the non-formal methodology to transfer these interests and skills observed in the current job market.

Personal branding as the concept

We will use the personal brand as a concept of personal development that can be fostered in young people. The concept of personal branding is necessary in today’s society, when people tend to be seen as equal numbers, so for individual promotion, each person must differentiate themselves and show themselves in a different, unique and unrepeatable way.

With this TC we want to give youth workers the tools so that they can guide young people in the development of this knowledge and skills in the search and development of quality jobs, with indirect results such as economic independence, improvements in socioeconomic aspects, participation and contribution in the local community.

Working methods

The work methodology is based on non-formal and informal learning. Activities have been designed to promote interaction, reflection, analysis of the reality of the different contexts, the exchange of information and knowledge, as well as individual, group and experiential learning activities based on ICT resources. The learning process of the participants will be facilitated through group dynamics, expression and body communication games, group learning techniques, information search and selection, confrontation and conflict resolution techniques, reality analysis strategies, as well as of use and application of ICT resources and tools.

Criteria for selection:

➢ Fluency in English.

➢ Must be 18 years old or older.

➢ Genuine engagement and motivation to learn.

➢ Willingness to share personal and professional knowledge.

➢ Ability to learn in an international group.

➢ Ability to generate distinct ideas for local/national and international initiatives.

➢ Clearly defined expectations and knowledge needs.

➢ Openness to non-formal learning approaches in a diverse environment.

➢ Commitment to self-reflection and critical assessment of learning.


This project is financed by Erasmus +, so all costs like travel, accommodation, and food during the exchange duration are covered.

Erasmus + program is covering the total costs of accommodation and food (3 meals per day + snacks) during the youth exchange.

There is an annual membership for joining our mobility projects. The membership price is different for active and passive members, volunteers, or newcomers, so for detailed info click here.


Participants are buying tickets with the help of organizers and travel costs are going to be reimbursed after the project. The maximum travel reimbursement budget for a participant from Croatia is 360,00 €. 


Fill out the application form.

Please send us your CV to the email

All data is going to be handled according to GDPR regulations.

Do you want to find out more about the application process? Click here!

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