This June learn about Social Entrepreneurship in Portugal!

Youth Exchange: “Youth Comp- Social Entrepreneurship for Young People”

Dates of the mobility: 1st to 9th June 2023

Who: 1 participant (age 18 – 25) from Croatia

Application deadline: asap (read below how to apply)

Place: Guimarães, Portugal

Partners:  Proacting Associação (Portugal), Association Strive! (Croatia)


The current situation for young people in the labour market is concerning, with over 200 million young people worldwide either unemployed or living in poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated this issue, with many young people losing their jobs and facing challenges in finding new employment opportunities. Social entrepreneurship can be an effective means of empowering young people and addressing social challenges, and initiatives like “Youth Comp: Social Entrepreneurship for Young People” can provide young people with the support and resources they need to succeed in the labour market and in their personal lives. By investing in social entrepreneurship initiatives that target young people, we can help to build a more equitable and inclusive society that values and supports the contributions of all its members.

Buildings in Largo do Toural, Guimaraes- photo by Ramon Perucho


  • Promote the training of young people, through the development of key competences for lifelong learning and the adoption of entrepreneurial thoughts and attitudes.
  • Promote the social inclusion of young people, including socially underrepresented groups, through creating personal, social, and professional development opportunities in a transition-oriented path to adult life.
  • Explore the potential of their generation so that they become more capable and more aware of adapting to evolution and social change.
  • Promote opportunities for young people to participate in democratic life; create a dialogue among young Europeans and intercultural awareness.
  • Support the development process of young person’s personal, social, and professional life, at the heart of the European context, ensuring that youngsters become conscious, critical agents of change.


Through non-formal education and experiential learning, the participants will engage in a wide range of workshops that facilitate learning and conclusions related to their own employment, passions, strengths, opportunities and self-esteem, relevant for future-jobseeking processes or creations.

The learning process of the participants will be facilitated through group dynamics, expression games and body communication, creative learning, individual and group work and reflections, and thinking outside of the box.

The languages of the project will be English and Spanish.

Participant’s profile:

  • 18 to 25 years old;
  • fully committed to the preparation and follow-up activities both online and frontal,
  • able to communicate in English.


This project is financed by Erasmus +, so all costs like travel, accommodation, and food during the exchange duration are covered.

Erasmus + program is covering the total costs of accommodation and food (3 meals per day + snacks) during the youth exchange.

There is an annual membership for joining our mobility projects. The price of membership is different for active and passive members, volunteers, or newcomers, so for detailed info click here.


Participants are buying tickets with the help of organizers and travel costs are going to be reimbursed after the project. The maximum travel reimbursement budget for a participant from Croatia is 360,00 €. Travel details are in the info pack.


  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Send us your CV to the email

All data is going to be handled according to GDPR regulations.

Do you want to find out more about the application process? Click here!


The selected participant will be informed about the results asap.


Our projects would be even more productive and beneficial with small financial injections. So, please, feel invited to invest in youth education, future and entrepreneurial spirit. <3

Stay updated with mobility opportunities by joining the group. Also, we have opened a new Instagram account:! Let’s connect!

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