Mielno project: Informing Croatian Youth

After returning from the YE project “Migration – think better, think critically”, which took place from 15 to 23 February in the small village of Mielno on the Baltic coast in Poland, seven participants from Croatia held an online workshop via the Zoom platform. The workshop was held on March 14, and its main goals were to inform the public about the project, its outcomes, and share the experience of project participants, and thus interest and encourage workshop participants to apply for Erasmus + projects. The target audience of this workshop were young people in their 20s, mostly students, who are friends and acquaintances of the project participants.

Croatian team in Poland: Tomislav Pušić, Branko Miloš, Daniel Ranogajec, Matea Maljković, Mirna Makovac, Mia Gojević, Tomo Rajić

The workshop started by informing and explaining what the Erasmus program is, what opportunities it provides to young people and what its benefits are. The youth exchange within the Erasmus program, which allows young people to travel around Europe and meet their peers by participating in projects focusing on non-formal learning, was further explained. In addition, it was mentioned that project participants can expect to develop their competency skills, practice languages, and gain multicultural experience.

After that, the project “Migration – think better, think critically” was described and information was given on the topics of the project, when the project took place and which countries participated. Then the project was described by days – what were the workshops, how they were conducted, what we learned at them, what is Youthpass, etc.

Afterwards, the project participants shared their personal experiences about the project. They told a couple of interesting and funny moments, shared pictures, and told how time passes to the participants when they are not at the workshops.

At the very end, after the presentation, the workshop participants were able to ask questions. The questions were mostly about how we found out about the project, how they can apply, where they can find projects, and the like. I believe that most of them have become interested in Erasmus + projects and that some of them will apply for them in the future.

Author: Mirna Makovac

Workshop organizers: Mirna Makovac, Matea Maljković, Branko Miloš, Daniel Ranogajec, Tomo Rajić, Mia Gojević, Tomislav Pušić

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