InnoBoost vol.2: Apply for the Training Course in Berlin

Training Course: “InnoBoost – Boosting Value Creation Through Innovation” 

Dates of the exchange:  21 – 29 March 2022

Place: Berlin, Germany

Participating countries: Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Croatia, Spain, Poland, and Bulgaria

Number of participants from Croatia:  2 participants (age 21 +)

Application deadline: ASAP (read below how to apply)

INFO PACK (click to download)

Project Summary

The project is co-funded through the programme Erasmus+, KA1 – Mobility of Youth Workers and consists of two activities, a Contact Making Event hosted by InterCollege in Denmark and a Training Course hosted by INTERBILDUNG e.V in Germany.

The project seeks to address the need for youth organisations to be always evolving and pushing the limits of value creation through innovative and quality projects. In order to maximise the impact and outcomes from Erasmus+ projects, the partners need to be creative, think multilaterally and be ambitious with their proposals. They need to create learning opportunities that take participants outside their daily realm to effectively develop their soft skills through transnational youth projects.

The aim of the project is, thus, to foster value creation in transnational youth projects through promoting the entrepreneurial thinking and innovative actions of youth workers.

Summary of the Activity

The activity addresses the need of ensuring that the youth workers from the partner organisations who are responsible for project management and overviewing and delivering youth work activities have the right tools and competencies to deliver on the visions of ambitious projects. Youth workers who are managing transnational youth projects have to juggle with the ground level, day to day practical management of activities whilst at the same time, steering the activity to ensure that it meets the needs of the beneficiaries and the visions of the donor.

The main headlines of the training course are:

1. EU’s visions with the programme Erasmus+

2.  Actions under Erasmus+ programme

3. Project Management and Project Management Standards (VAP)

4. Planning and Decision making in Project Management

5. Core Values in Mobility Projects

6. Problem Analysis and Objective Tree

7. Project Development in groups

The project gathers 18 partner organisations from 15 countries (Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Croatia, Spain, Poland, and Bulgaria), amongst which 11 are NGOs, five are social enterprises and two are local/regional public bodies in youth work and national education.

Participants’ profile

Each partner organisation shall participate with two members of their organisation. In order to participate in A2 – Training Course, the candidates must fulfil the following requirements:
o Be at least 21 years old;
o Have already worked with Association Strive! and/or have high motivation to join Strive! team on the Partnership Coordinator or Project Manager position;
o Have experience in youth work;
o Have the ability to communicate fluently in English;
o Be available to attend the activity for its entire duration.
o Have agreed to the Participant’s Declaration;
o Have agreed to the Green Policy at the venue;
o Have agreed to the Covid-19 safety policy at the venue.

*Participant’s Declaration, Green Policy and Covid-19 safety policy are available in the info pack.

Candidates who do not fulfil the above requirements will not be accepted.


This project is financed by Erasmus +, so all costs like travelaccommodation, and food during the exchange duration are covered.

Erasmus + program is covering full costs of accommodation and food (3 meals per day + snacks with a coffee break) during the youth exchange.

There is an annual membership for joining our mobility projects. The price of membership is different for active and passive members, volunteers, or newcomers, so for detailed info click here. Membership has to be covered 3 weeks before the departure date.


Participants are buying tickets with the help of organizers and travel costs are going to be reimbursed after the project. The maximum travel reimbursement budget for a participant from Croatia is 275 EUR.


Yes. There is no participation fee. But you are agreeing with rules and conditions by signing a participation contract and including it in the application. Applications without a signed contract and CV are not going to be accepted. So, better be serious and read all the info about the project one more time including your personal time management.


Fill out the application form for participants and send us the following documents to the email

– CV in English or Croatian,

– Signed participation contract (click to open).

All data is going to be handled according to GDPR regulations.

Just to be sure you have done everything right, read 3 steps to apply for our granted Erasmus + project calls.


Selected participants, as well as candidates on the waiting lists, will be informed about the results up to 72 hours after applying. If you are going to be selected, you will need to fill in the application form for the organizers.


As you already know, measures are changing every day in every country due to epidemic and political situations. If organizers estimate implementation of the mobility won’t be possible due to the safety of participants, the dates of the exchange will be delayed.


Even we are offering participation in this project “for free” it doesn’t mean it is free. As an organization, we are covering project administration costs and our young volunteers are working hard, investing their energy, knowledge, and time to make this opportunity possible. Why? Because we are in love with mobility and striving to open even more international opportunities for young people and youth workers in Croatia and wider who invest time in self-development and make positive changes in their environments.

Contact Making Event in Slettestrand, 2019


Our projects would be even more productive and beneficial with small financial injections. So, please, feel invited to invest in youth education, future and entrepreneurial spirit. <3

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