The „Reach Out“ from Denmark: Engage, Connect and Empower

Association Strive! participated in the seminar „Reach Out“ to get knowledge on how to operationalize the EU key actions to address hard to reach groups. The mobility took part in Slettestrand, Denmark from 2nd until 10th of December 2021.

The project aims to strengthen youth organizations’ capacity across Europe to operationalize the three EU key actions (Engage, Connect and Empower), to address hard to reach groups. This seminar was a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with 45 youth workers from across Europe. During the seminar, the EU Youth strategy was used as a basis for developing action plans for strengthening our organisations work with hard-to-reach groups of young people.

Participants had the opportunity to develop ideas regarding this topic in an open environment through interactive sessions, discussions, exercises, group work and presentations. During one week, they were deepening understanding of the current challenges young people from hard-to-reach groups are facing, sharing best practices regarding youth work with young people from hard-to-reach groups, as well as identifying and exploring new ways of addressing hard-to-reach groups.

4 weeks after mobility, Strive! team designed and applied the project „Digital Booster: From Optimization to the Career“ for local funding. The goal of this local project is to reach out to young unemployed people using digital tools and connect them with open opportunities across Europe. Application results are expected until the 20th of February 2022.

The „Reach Out“ project was co-funded through the programme Erasmus+ and hosted by InterCollege in Denmark. Strive! team was represented by Branka, Iva and Mateja Gabor.

The “Reach Out” group with Youthpass

Participants: Mateja Gabor, Iva Gabor, Branka Gabor

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