Youth Exchange in Liepaja: I have a choice


Our Erasmus journey began on the 27th of September- the day we arrived in Liepaja, the 2nd biggest city in Latvia. We got to our hotel in the afternoon hours and met with other participants- Latvian, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Belgium team. Even though we had just met, it became clear right away that we would get along very well. 🙂

Day 1: Let’s meet!

On the first day, we had a “get to know each other” session which was done in the park. We did really fast and interactive tornado changes between people which helped us get to know each other and connect. We played different name remembering games. After the park, we had a session where the meaning of the project was explained to us so that we could look forward to the days that await us. This project was actually led by us (the participants) in the following days, every country had to create a programme for the day and lead activities.

Day 2: Latvia ??

The second day of the project was led by the Latvian team. The subject was the 12 pillars of happiness. In the three workshops throughout the day we explored and discussed different ways to connect with our thoughts and have happier and more fulfilling lives. We also shared our expectations of life and things and goals we strive for. It wouldn’t be Latvian day without Intercultural night and the team prepared it very well with a quiz about Latvian history and culture and, of course, traditional Latvian food and drinks!

Day 3: Italy ??

Third-day workshops and multicultural evenings were organised by the participants of the  Italian team. The aim of the first workshop was to learn a lot about how to live healthily. They prepared an interactive quiz for everybody and shared their personal experiences.  During the second workshop, we went to the park to exercise because a workout is important for a healthy life. In the afternoon, we went to buy food and made a healthy dinner because food is also important for health. The making of dinner was a lot of fun since you don’t cook dinner for 30 people every day… In the evening we had a multicultural evening dedicated to Italy where we enjoyed some excellent wines!

Day 4: Sightseeing Liepaja

On the fourth day, we had free time for sightseeing in the city. In the morning we all went together to visit the  Youth centre in Liepaja and later we went in different ways. One part went to see the Northern Forts located at the beach. The rest went to see other areas.

Nature park, Bernati

Day 5: Poland ?? and Croatia ??

Day 5 workshops were led by the Polish and Croatian team-us! The theme was responsibility and environment. We made some Kahoot quizzes about current environmental issues in the world and in the afternoon we decided to be active and clean the beach. In the evening, both teams shared some typical foods and dance moves. 🙂

Watching David Attenborough’s Life on Earth

Day 6: Meditation day

Day 6 was a very relaxing day, we meditated on the beach and played different board games back at the hotel. By this day, everybody had got to know each other very well and we became really good friends.

Day 7: Spain ??

7th day of the program was organised by the Spanish team. They prepared a few workshops named „People who inspired us“. We were all divided into mixed groups where we talked about people who we admire and who give us inspiration. In the evening, the Spanish team organised their international night – they prepared traditional meals and drinks for dinner (tortillas and sangria) and sang a Spanish song.

Spanish night

Day 8: Belgium ??

The 8th day was organised by the Belgian team. We had a workshop about creativity where we made paintings with bare hands and presented our work in front of other groups afterwards. Later in the evening we drank Belgian beer and played a Kahoot game about Belgium.

Day 9: Creating Erasmus + projects ??

The last day was about the Erasmus+ project. We got the information about how to create our own Erasmus+ project and we got a task to introduce our project to the rest of the people. In the evening, we learned about traditional Latvian dance, and we were dancing all night. Sadly, that was it…

Our last 2 days

After the project, we went to Riga and the Latvian team showed us the city. We had a wonderful time, we saw St. Jacob Cathedral, St. Mary Magdalene church, Riga castle, Kronvalda park… Riga is a really nice place, we really enjoyed it there, and we were sad when we had to go home. We will always remember this experience, we made so many great friends there… 🙂

Participants: Petra Piršić, Igor Banec, Martin Cerovec, Emanuela Plišić, Emanuel Švenda

Organizer: Keep the change, Latvia

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YE: I have a choice, Latvia

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