Keep It Real: Call for youth workers interested in journalism!

Seminar: “Keep It Real!” 

Dates of the exchange:  2 – 11 December 2021

Place: Slettestrand, Denmark

Participating countries: Denmark, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, Hungary, and Turkey

Number of participants:  1 participant (age 21+) – Croatian resident

Application deadline:  ASAP (read below how to apply)

INFO PACK (click to download)

Project Summary

The project is co-funded through the programme Erasmus+, KA1 – Mobility of Youth Workers and addresses the need of youth workers in the partner organisations to be more conscious members of the society by being able to criticise what they read, hear or watch in the news and to take effort to analyse an issue from a different point of views.

The objectives of the activity are as follows:
1) To deepen youth workers’ knowledge upon press freedom, quality journalism and citizen
2) To give the youth workers’ clear understanding upon the role of journalists;
3) To equip youth workers with journalistic products which demonstrate the importance of quality
journalism and which can be presented to young people on local activities as well;
4) To create a pdf guidebook for young people upon how to be media literate and detect fake news.

The objectives will be addressed by gathering 30 participants from 9 organisations to work across nationalities and cultures, enhancing the commitment to fight against fake news and to create a more responsible society, where young people cannot be misled by false propaganda or hatred.

The activity will be based around the boundaries of press freedom and also about citizen journalism. The activity intends to deepen the participants’ understanding of fake news and quality journalism to determine the differences in an abundance of information. They will have the opportunity to develop ideas in an open environment through interactive sessions, discussions, exercises, group work and presentations.


Attached to this call for participants is the draft programme of the seminar. Please note that some changes in the programme could potentially be made.

Participant profile

To participate in the activity, the candidates must fulfil the following requirements:

1) Age at least 18;
2) Be a youth worker;
3) Willing to participate in the follow-up activities implemented as a result of A1;
4) Have the ability to utilise the experience and knowledge they got during the Seminar in their daily
work with young people;
5) Have the motivation to participate actively during the whole Seminar;
6) Have an interest in the world of media;
7) Have full command of English;
8) Have availability to participate for the whole duration of the activity.


This project is financed by Erasmus +, so all costs like travelaccommodation, and food during the exchange duration are covered.

Erasmus + program is covering full costs of accommodation and food (3 meals per day + snacks with a coffee break) during the youth exchange.

There is an annual membership for joining our mobility projects. The price of membership is different for active and passive members, volunteers, or newcomers, so for detailed info click here. Membership has to be covered 3 weeks before the departure date.

TC “EntrepreneurSHIP: Sailing to Success”, Slettestrand, 2019


Participants are buying tickets with the help of organizers and travel costs are going to be reimbursed after the project. The maximum travel reimbursement budget for a participant from Croatia is 275 EUR.


Yes. There is no participation fee. But you are agreeing with rules and conditions by signing a participation contract and including it in the application. Applications without a signed contract and CV are not going to be accepted. So, better be serious and read all the info about the project one more time including your personal time management.


Fill out the application form for participants and send us the following documents to the email

– CV in English or Croatian,

– Signed participation contract (click to open).

All data is going to be handled according to GDPR regulations.

Just to be sure you have done everything right, read 3 steps to apply for our granted Erasmus + project calls.


Selected participants, as well as candidates on the waiting list, will be informed about the results until the 8th of October. If you are going to be selected by Association Strive!, you will need to fill in the application form for the organizers. Don’t worry, we will send you a reminder.


As you already know, measures are changing every day in every country due to epidemic situations. If organizers estimate implementation of the mobility won’t be possible due to the safety of participants, the dates of the mobility will be delayed.


Even we are offering participation in this project “for free” it doesn’t mean it is free. As an organization, we are covering project administration costs and our young volunteers are working hard, investing their energy, knowledge, and time to make this opportunity possible. Why? Because we are in love with mobility and striving to open even more international opportunities for young people and youth workers in Croatia and wider who invest time in self-development and make positive changes in their environments.

Contact Making Event in Slettestrand, 2019


Our projects would be even more productive and beneficial with small financial injections. So, please, feel invited to invest in youth education, future and entrepreneurial spirit. <3

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