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We had the honour to participate in the youth exchange “YOUth Health Matters” in Burhave, Germany from 5th to 14th of March 2020. The Croatian team selected by Association Strive! was represented by Klara Tušek, Iva Ćavar, Marko Blažević and me, as a team leader.

During the 1 week program, we had the chance to hold presentations, motivate other participants to engage in important debates, therefore we were motivated to raise awareness about how mental health is in tight connection with our eating disorders. During one day of the exchange, we had the opportunity to raise questions about health in general to an expert who joined our session during the project. It was a mind-blowing experience when we realized how much sugar has been consumed across the world, and that it is very hard nowadays to avoid its presence in our daily food consumption.

Working mode

We enjoyed the social program as well, which were introduced usually in the late hours, during which we had the chance to meet other participants and get to know their language, culture and background better. I think Erasmus+ project is about making connections because we are all a huge European family and as soon as we realize how much in common we have, it will be easier in the future to organize more projects like Erasmus+ .

I would like to salute to the organizers of the project in Germany, who did an excellent job in organizing the youth exchange “YOUth Health Matters” and being professional until the end of the project. They provided us with delicious, healthy, fresh food, beautiful accommodation and warm hospitality. I was not the only one impressed and astonished by the project itself, so my team wanted the share their opinion as well about experiences in Germany.

Klara, Tereza and Iva

“For me, as this was my first project, it was an unparalleled experience. The participants were open and friendly, which made me comfortable to tell my opinions and discuss them with others. Of course, a good project can’t be realized without a good venue and organization, which AWO SANO provided on a level I have never seen before. From food to beds, it was all perfect. If you ever get a chance to apply for an Erasmus project, go for it, it will be worth it! “ – Marko Blažević

Klara and Marko

“This project was a great opportunity to see a part of Germany tourists do not go to – the Northern Sea and meet a group of various, interesting young people and their cultures. We were introduced to the topic of Youth heath and were learning from each other. Every morning started
with gymnastics and evenings ended with cultural nights. I would recommend everyone who has a chance to involve in adventures like this.“
– Iva Ćavar

Northern Sea

“For me, this was my first Erasmus+ project and I want to participate in many more because an experience like this one is something so special. We met so many open-minded people and learned a lot about other countries’ health just like they did about ours. Everything was well organised and done as it should be.”
– Klara Tušek

Learning in non-formal way

Author: Tereza Suk

Participants: Marko Blažević, Iva Ćavar, Klara Tušek & Tereza Suk

YE: “YOUth Health Matters”

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