Visualize graphic facilitation in Vilnius!

Project summary

When: 16th -22nd November 2019

Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

Who: Youth-workers (2 participants; 18+ )

Travel budget for participants from Croatia: 275€

Application deadline: 25th October 2019 until 12:00 h

INFO PACK (free to download)

How to apply? Submit the application form and send us your CV to yo********************@gm***.com.

Training course on graphic facilitation: “Make it visual!”

„Make it visual!“ is a project for youth workers and young adults working with people that will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from 16th to 22nd November 2019. This project will gather 31 people from 12 countries and be led by two professional trainers.

The aim of the project is to improve the visualisation and graphic facilitation skills of youth workers, trainers and facilitators in a non-formal educational context to enhance learning, motivation and involvement during training activities.

As with any non-formal education, the participants will be learning by doing, taking part in workshops that are specially made just for the project.

Graphic facilitation is a facilitation method that uses a visual approach to help people “see” their thoughts, communicate and make decisions. It is a sophisticated thinking tool to help groups talk, brainstorm, analyse,
dialogue, resolve conflict, reach consensus and move forward.

Working on graphic facilitation will offer participants several key benefits:

  1. Gets everyone on the same page – helping participants showing their ideas on paper.
  2. Elegantly handles different points of view – people with different points of view see things differently and by giving them a chance to express it their communication opens.
  3. Is quicker – complex problems require handling multiple pieces of information at once and we all now that „a picture is worth a thousand words“.
  4. Involves all the major learning styles – most people process information visually but this methodology will also use auditory and kinesthetic learners. This way we will grab the attention of more people, not just the visual ones.
  5. Creates excellent meeting documentation – with the coming of the digital age there has to be a change in the way we make and keep our documentation. Modern time requires the use of digital cameras, photo editing programs, electric files, etc.

Participant profile

We are looking for 2 very motivated people (18+) that will take part in this training course. The ones that have already worked with youth and have some experience will have an advantage over applicants with no experience. But don’t let that discourage you! Take it as a challenge to convince us that we are looking for a person just like you!


Erasmus + program will cover full costs of accommodation between 16th and 22nd of November in the 3-star hotel in the centre of Vilnius and three meals per day with coffee and snacks during breaks as well as all material you are going to use including study visit. Your travel costs are going to be reimbursed up to 275 EUR per participant after the project.


Yes. There is no participation fee. But if you are going to be accepted you will have to sign a participation contract. So, better be serious and read all the info about project one more time including your personal time management! 🙂


Even we are offering participation in this project “for free” it doesn’t mean it is free. As organization we are covering project administration costs and our young volunteers are working hard, investing their energy and time to make this opportunity possible. Why? Because we are in love with mobility and striving to open even more international opportunities for young people and youth workers in Croatia and wider who invest time in self-development and make positive changes in their environments.


One wise man (or more likely woman) once said: “If you don’t ask, you can’t get.” And this is true because we are never asking for your support, and our projects would be even more productive and beneficial with small financial injections. So, please, feel invited to invest in our education, future and entrepreneurial spirit. <3


SMILE 🙂 -> it costs nothing but helps a lot 🙂

1 EUR -> you are supporting a warm cup of coffee for a volunteer (it’s not a joke…our volunteers are mostly from Croatia and coffee is fuel for our brains…if you don’t believe us, check out this fact with your Croatian friend 🙂 )

2 EUR -> you are supporting 2 warm coffees which are equal to arranging a meeting in Croatia for future projects development! For this coin, we are ready to keep you updated with useful info about forthcoming mobility projects every 2 weeks (or as often as you prefer)!

5 EUR -> Well done! 🙂 You just helped us to finish the deal. The mandate is in the envelope and your donation paid our costs to send documentation somewhere in Europe.

10 EUR -> Can you see us smiling? 😀 You have just delayed our worries to pay fixed bank costs for the full month! Just for proof, we will send you a picture of us smiling to your email with additional thank you note with hearts and kisses. <3 :*

20 EUR -> You are becoming a secret friend! At this level, you are making direct changes to the life of the young individual with fewer opportunities by helping him/her to cross the financial barrier towards mobility. We will arrange that you receive personal letter or postcard from the person your donation will support in personal international growth.

600 EUR-> You are becoming the local hero! We are ready to write an article about you, spread the word of your generosity through our social media and tell all the neighbours in the street how awesome you are! Why? This is the amount of paycheck we want to ensure for the professional assistant to support one participant with a disability during mobility, which presents breaking all barriers and making a step forward in real social inclusion.

1 000 000 EUR -> *.* …We are not naive…Still, it’s great to dream! 😀 Here is the plan: creating THE youth centre in Croatia with conference room, record studio, multimedia room, coffee corner, concert garden, and 10 sleeping rooms to make exchanges by inviting youngsters and youth workers from all corners of Europe and creating original youth program during the whole year for everybody! Sounds good, ha? 😀 Just an inspiration from the non-fictive youth centre (fully supported by the local government) in Vecindario which we have visited on the last youth exchange in Gran Canaria. Priceless educational and creativity hub with “all you(th) can dream about” content which every region needs for local development.

So, if you have an extra million in your pocket and like our idea, don’t hesitate to contact us! 😀 😉

Joke aside. If you are a person who appreciates our international youth work, please consider supporting our cause. For all the questions regarding a possible donation, you can reach us via email yo********************@gm***.com.

Here is the official IBAN: HR8323400091110685886 of the Association Strive! just in case you picked up some speciality from the menu! 🙂 <3

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