Youth exchange “Value of YOUth” in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria!

Youth Exchange: “Value of Youth”
12-20 March 2019
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

Application deadline: CLOSED

Seems like labor market has something against you? You have already sent 100+ CVs and there is no response? Experience lacking? Skills licking? X)

Well, we are offering you the unique opportunity to come to Canary islands to discuss this problem with your peers from Estonia, Spain, and Croatia! You will have the opportunity to learn in a non-formal environment, share ideas about personal branding, work in the international team, and participate in different kinds of funny activities related to the topic of youth employment for one full week in the magical place!

Youth exchange “Value of Youth” will gather 20 participants from 3 different countries in Las Palmas, the heart of Gran Canaria, from 12th until the 20th of March 2019. <3
This project is financed by Erasmus +, so all costs like travel, accommodation, and food are covered.


(12/03) 1st-day: Arrival and informal welcome
(13/03) 2nd-day: Getting to know us, objectives and the city
(14-15/03) 3rd – 4th day: Getting into the topic, EU context and personal introspection
(16-17/03) 5th – 6th day: Personal work in groups; creating a personal brand, creative CV, etc.
(18/03) 7th-day: Presentation and feedback; local DEOR
(19/03) 8th-day: Evaluation and debriefing; Youthpass
(20/03) 9th-day: Departures

Participants will stay in the charming eco-friendly hostel in the city center of Las Palmas. Here is the link if you want to take a look.

Before coming to the project participants will be asked about the special diets. Every day hosts will provide you breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as some snacks during the coffee breaks. *.*

We are arranging travel together with all participants from Croatia. Travel budget is up to 275 euros to arrive at the location of the exchange and come back to Croatia. You have to buy tickets on your own and money will be reimbursed to you after the project. More info and rules if you will be selected! 😉


The organizer of this youth exchange is LPA Juventud in cooperation with Mojo de Caña. Partner countries are Estonia and Croatia (Association Strive!). The project is approved by the Spanish national agency injuve.


Participants who will be selected need to pay the reservation fee of 150kn which we use to cover the administration costs.


We are looking for 3 motivated youngsters (18-30), who reside in Croatia, eager to make some positive changes in the field of youth employment in Croatia or even wider! 😉


That’s the best part. We don’t care about your CV or written motivation letter (this time). We want to see you and hear from you! 🙂 So, please send us the video (max 1 minute) where you are explaining why are you the perfect participant for this project. The more creative you get, the chances to go to the Canaries are bigger!

Please send us your video application to the email no later than 26th of February 2019 (until 18:00h)!

Already looking forward to seeing you! 🙂

Photo by: Heli Kukk

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