TC: Globally Connected, Locally Engaged

Dates of the event: 23 November – 02 December 2018

Places: Houffalize & Brussels, Belgium

Application: CLOSED

Application deadline: 13 August 2018

The local community has a huge potential in terms of informing, making awareness, including and building a community. Therefore specific methods designed for community work are highly recommended in this field and especially in times when they are not so widely applied. Youth work plays an essential role in reaching
and bringing together young people who face exclusion on a daily basis.

An animation is considered one of the powerful tool for youth workers reaching out to young people with fewer opportunities and uniting the community. An animator is therefore like a facilitator – like an electrician who arranges electrical cables, switches, plugs, sockets, cut-outs, holders into a circuit and connects it to the mains, so that whenever necessary, the current flows and lights come on, fans rotate, appliances start operating. In this example, the electrician is neither the power nor its source but he facilitates the flow of power to get things to work by keeping everything connected.

The main goal of the training course “Globally Connected, Locally Engaged” is to raise the capacity of youth workers and young people to contribute to a cohesive society through alternative youth friendly methods (animation methods and techniques that could reach more and more young people).

During the training course, participants will go to an in-depth process of exploring global and social topics and how to apply “think global, act local” motto in their own lives and organizations by acquiring new alternative methods for making awareness/information/inclusion. The participants will develop practical working competencies in working with the community campaigning methodology and they will be capable to transfer this learning in their communities.

Working methods used are based on the principles of non-formal and informal learning and active participatory approach. It has been created with an eye to achieve project aims and objectives in the most effective, cost-efficient and lasting way. The methodology is based on such approaches as peer-to-peer learning and learning through sharing the best practices, problem-based learning, dialogue-based learning, group-working, debating, learning by doing, reflection sessions, Open- Space technology, Oxford debates, and others. Regarding the specific methods applied will be a mix of the following: individual and group presentations, small working groups, buzz groups, energizers and ice-breakers for building the team spirit, role play and simulation exercises, guided visualizations, individual self-assessment questionnaires, practical workshops. This balanced mix of different methods will create an interactive and dynamic space for the exchange of good practices, based on theoretical inputs as well as group work.

Participants will receive a general backpack on the animation tools and they will carry out different practical experiences with these instruments. To achieve an ability in their application inside their local contexts, with the necessary adaptations according to their specific demands. The training will be based on practical work. There will be a final presentation with the community where the training will be hosted as a result of the work done and as an important learning opportunity for the participants. The participants will contribute to realizing a toolkit about the tools they are implementing.

Participants: 3 motivated youth workers and young leaders from Croatia (18+)

Travel reimbursement budget: 275  €


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    1. Draga Ivana!
      Prijave za projekt su završene te su participanti odabrani. Ako nisi primila mail potvrde sudjelovanja na projektu,nažalost moramo te obavjestiti da smo na ovom projektu prednost dali drugim kandidatima. No neka te to ne obeshrabri! U slučaju odustanka bilo kojeg od participanta, svakako ćemo ti se javiti!
      Lijep pozdrav,
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