Explore, Connect and Coach

Dates of the event: 31 July – 07 August 2017

Place: Čakovec, Croatia

Explore, Connect and Coach” was international youth exchange, first of its kind organized in small town Čakovec. The project was a result of the collaboration young people from Medjimurje started in 2016, with partners from Netherlands- IPA and Spain – EKHI. It was organized mainly by participants of the first exchange in the Netherlands. As this was our first organized project by joined forces with Croatian CeZaMAssociation Strive!  and our partners, we are proud to call it our first born. We had the opportunity to invite 12 participants from Spain, 14 from the Netherlands as well as 13 from Croatia to explore together our opportunities and backgrounds, connect our cultures and knowledge and coach each other based on our experiences which resulted in connection by similarities.

During the whole project, it was very hot but nevertheless, we were down to business. Each national team organized workshops and creative games, shared their knowledge on various topics and leadership skills. To get to know the city a little bit better we did a treasure hunt and the Challenge 88-  game through all town, got amazing pictures and some confused, strayed looks.  During Intercultural day, Spanish team showed us the simulation of San Fermino, Dutch team represent their dishes,  national costumes and gave us tulip seeds. As hosts, we show them all the beauty of Croatian dishes, customs, and national costumes. It was a big hit among citizens of Čakovec. That we all are doing a great job, confirmed even the Mayor of Međimurje county by paying us a visit. To cool ourselves down,  we went on a trip to Fužine, where we had a chance to enjoy in breathtaking nature and refreshing boat ride. But the bigger hit was definitely swimming in the see in Opatija.  Although challenging, we had a blast those 7 days.



As everything nice comes to end, so was our exchange. We have learned a lot about leadership skills, practice organizing skills, made some new friends and straighten our friendship with old ones. It was definitely the experience we’ll not forget! 🙂


Author: Danka Brumen





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