Social skills training: Assertiveness

Dates of the event: 21 November 2015

Place: Čakovec, Croatia

The social skills training is the cycle of five workshops for high school students on the topic how to be an active listener. They practiced techniques that are used to understand better what others want to say or what they think or feel.

Assertiveness was the second topic in the workshop cycle.  Assertiveness is the ability to express your own positive and negative thoughts and feelings, in an unresponsive manner and without violating the rights of others.

The goal of the training was to strenghten participant’s communication capacities and to increase the ability of mutual respect and trust with other participants. At the workshop, participants have learned to recognize the difference between the aggressive, passive and assertive style of communication, and to practice how to express our own thoughts, needs and feelings by listening, understanding and respecting others.

The organizers and trainers of the Social Training Skills workshops were Tamara Žganec, mag. paed. soc., Zubić Filipa, mag. paed. soc., Ratko Čuček, mag. psych.


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